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  • Bocce Ball is complimentary for Laurelwood Society Members. 
  • There is a $25 charge per court for a 90-minute reservation.
  • Maximum group size is 8.
  • No flights are offered for bocce ball players. Glass pours only.



Bocce Ball — Rules of play

  • There are commonly two teams: two or four players per side. After a successful coin toss, player one tosses the pallino (small white ball) to start the frame.
  • The pallino must pass the center line of the court. It cannot hit the back wall and must be at least one foot from the side wall. If the player fails to toss the pallino properly, the opposing team will toss to begin play.
  • The team that tossed the pallino begins the game. Opponents take turns tossing their team’s colored bocce balls, trying to get as close to the pallino, while staying behind the foul line.
  • A player may use his/her bocce ball to knock an opponent’s ball out of place, or use his/her bocce to knock his/her own balls into a more advantageous location, or move the pallino into a better position.
  • Tosses must be kept to below the knee. No volo shooting!
  • The pallino remains in play even if it hits the back wall.
  • Bocce balls that hit the back wall will be removed and are considered ‘dead’ unless it first hit another ball.
  • Whenever a team gets a ball close to the pallino, the player must step aside and allow the other team to roll. The other team rolls until it beats (not ties) the opposing ball. This continues until both teams have used all their bocce balls.
  • After all players have tossed their bocce balls, the player or team that is ‘inside’ will be awarded a point. One point will be awarded to this player or team for every ball that is closer to the pallino than his/her closest competitor’s ball.
  • The team that scored last will toss the pallino to begin the next frame.
  • Games are played to 11 points or until the end of the guest’s 90-minute visit.

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Open Daily, 11am - 5:00pm


Please keep in mind:
No Pets
Max of 8 Guests Per Group
No Open Bottles

We strive to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests. Because of this, we ask that noise is kept to a minimum while playing. Thank you!