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August 4, 2017 | All Posts, Tasting Room, Wines |

A new look for Cugini Sparkling Grape Juice

Ponzi Blog

We’re pleased to present Cugini Sparkling Grape Juice in new versatile 12 ounce bottles. This natural and non-alcoholic beverage is crafted in the spirit of the Ponzi family’s Italian heritage and the youngest members of the Ponzi family, the eight cousins. Second generation vintners and mothers, Maria & Luisa Ponzi honor the beloved tradition of gathering around the table every evening to share stories from the day. When everyone has a delicious beverage in hand this important ritual is enhanced, making otherwise ordinary conversations memorable. Learn more at cuginisparkling.com

Cugini is only available at the Ponzi Vineyards tasting room and offered in 4pks and cases


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