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May 8, 2019 |

Employee Spotlight: Miguel Ortiz, Vineyard Manager

Ponzi Vineyards is proud to produce some of Willamette Valley’s oldest and most iconic wines. The people behind the wines and brand are a huge part of our story. We are honored to introduce you to some of the invaluable members of the Ponzi team. Meet Miguel Ortiz, Vineyard Manager! 

How long have you worked on the team at Ponzi Vineyards? 25 years

What is your role at Ponzi Vineyards? Vineyard Manager overseeing 130 certified sustainable acres.

What does a “typical” day look like for you? Get up at 5am, have coffee, drive to work and oversee a 15 person crew. I love that every day is different!

What do you find most rewarding about the work you do at Ponzi Vineyards? I grew up working on a farm. I have been doing it my whole life, it is all that I know. I love to see the vines grow each year and love bud break each season.

What are you most looking forward to in our 2019 vintage? I’m looking forward to having a safe growing season for everyone in the company and producing premium grapes for harvest.

What is one cool or unknown fact that we should know about Ponzi Vineyards? I have worked for the Ponzi family for 25 years and very early on I didn’t see any kids around the vineyard. It was just me and Dick and Nancy Ponzi. One summer I saw two women around the vineyard a lot. I found out it was Luisa and Maria Ponzi, I didn’t know even they were part of the family! (Luisa had been in France and Maria was working in Boston, MA)

You have 10 minutes and one glass of wine. What are you drinking and who are you drinking with? Pinot noir and enjoying it with my wife.


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