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May 30, 2018 | All Posts, Destination |

Meet the Maker: Woodworker Finn Enger

Woodworker Finn Enger

The Laurelwood at Ponzi Vineyards is a wine country hospitality space like no other. Every detail has been thoughtfully planned and even the smallest element has been crafted to reflect the values and aesthetics of Ponzi Vineyards and the Willamette Valley. Dedicated to supporting local makers, the Ponzi Family found the perfect woodworker for this project with Finn Enger.

Enger is a highly skilled finish carpenter and woodworker who has worked with Ponzi Vineyards before on other projects. He works primarily on custom projects doing specialty work, such as with The Laurelwood, where his attention to detail was a crucial skill.

“We take extreme care in making sure things are accurate and put together in the highest possible way,” says Enger of himself and his team.

Ponzi Vineyards is pleased to have partnered with Enger for some of the most impressive features of our new hospitality space, The Laurelwood. The design of The Laurelwood pays tribute to founders Dick and Nancy Ponzi while moving forward into the future under the leadership of sisters Anna Maria and Luisa Ponzi.

The unique elements of The Laurelwood provided Enger with plenty of challenges. Of the large, converging pocket doors, Enger says, “[It] was a pretty interesting endeavour, because there was a lot of detail involved in getting the doors to operate properly.” He laughs, “And they were extremely heavy. It’s … a cool design that turned out really nice.”

converging pocket doors

One of the most striking features of The Laurelwood is the barreled ceiling that stretches uninterrupted for the length of the space. “[It] really stands out as a different feature from other projects that I’ve worked on,” says Enger.

His other favorite detail? “The oak foyer is a cool feature--very warm feeling, very inviting.”

The Laurelwood at Ponzi Vineyards

The warmth of the wood is a perfect match for this hospitality space inspired by the original home of the Ponzi Family. In selecting artists and craftspeople for The Laurelwood, Ponzi Vineyards looked for not just skill, but also for people who have an intrinsic understanding of the area and its culture, and who contribute to the elevation of the region’s prominence through their work. Joining Enger on that roster are a gifted metalworker, ceramicist, architect and painter. The synergy of their creations is unique, yet reflective of the past, making The Laurelwood truly one of a kind.

“It’s nice to see it all come together,” says Enger.

To inquire about The Laurelwood, contact events@ponzivineyards.com or call (503) 628-1227.


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