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Ponzi Vineyards

Ponzi Vineyards
August 25, 2017 | All Posts, Best of Class, News, Tasting Room, Wines | Ponzi Vineyards

Presenting the 2015 Ponzi Single Vineyard Cuvees


We’re pleased to present the 2015 Ponzi Single Vineyard Cuvées, showcasing the most outstanding vineyards from what has been called “the state’s most extraordinary vintage” by Wine Spectator.

Winemaker Luisa Ponzi is renowned for her mastery of blending many vineyards to create elegant and balanced Pinot noirs and Chardonnays. But when a single site expresses all the qualities of a complex, complete wine, it is selected for a limited production bottling and named for the vineyard from which it is crafted.

From Ponzi Vineyards’ 45th year come five wines from five distinct vineyards:

2015 Ponzi Abetina Pinot Noir
2015 Ponzi Aurora Pinot Noir
2015 Ponzi Vigneto Pinot Noir featuring Wahle Vineyard
2015 Ponzi Avellana Chardonnay
2015 Ponzi Aurora Chardonnay

To access these beautiful wines before they are returned to the cellar, contact us at orders@ponziwines.com.

Pre-release access to these wines ends Saturday, October 7th. Reserve your wines for pick up at the Harvest Dinner or for shipping after the event.


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