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November 8, 2017 | All Posts, Best of Class, Wines |

Wines Northwest Features the 2016 Ponzi Pinot Blanc for Thanksgiving

2016 Ponzi Pinot Blanc bottle and glass

Wines Northwest's Chuck Hill is excited about the upcoming holiday for the wine and food pairings it brings, "Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to try wine pairings with a wide variety of foods," says Chuck. Among his favorite current release wines for your table, he featured the 2016 Ponzi Pinot Blanc.

Of the wine, he says, "This oft-overlooked variety is a perfect wine for the Thanksgiving table. It has some of the bracing qualities of Sauvignon Blanc with the corners rounded off like a Pinot Gris. Floral aromas of honeysuckle and gardenia mingle with peach and vanilla, leading to rich flavors of melon, tropical fruits and citrus on the palate."

We couldn't agree more! The Ponzi family often greets their guests with Pinot blanc and find it the perfect wine to start an evening. 

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