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July 17, 2017 | All Posts, Community, Destination, Wine Events |

Yoga in the Vineyard with Margo

Margo stretchingPV: Do you enjoy wine? If so, what do you fill your glass with in the summer?

MKL: “I looooove a beautiful rosé as anyone who follows me on social media knows! I truly believe life is all about balance and enjoying things that enrich your experience of life! Yoga and wine are two of my favorite ways to find fulfillment in the day!”

PV: What are some of the benefits you see to taking your yoga practice outside?

MKL: “Practicing outside is really a magical experience… as yoga-y as it sounds the sun truly has a different way of heating your body that makes you feel so open and strong, different than any indoor heat I’ve ever felt. Also it’s been my experience that being outside on the grass or sand allows us to be more uninhibited and try things we might be scared to try in the studio. I’ve seen so many people finally get their headstand for the first time in an outdoor class because they just tried and weren’t scared to fall! But don’t take my word for it come to practice with me at Ponzi!!”

PV: What are some tips for anyone new to yoga, maybe trying their first class?

MKL: “My first tip always is to have a sense of humor about yourself and give yourself tons of credit for even trying. Yoga can be intimidating because there are certain poses we learn almost like learning a dance but with a strong teacher, a sense of humor and a willingness to show up you can’t lose! And more than likely you will have a positive experience and be excited to come back for more!”

Join us Saturday, July 22nd at 10am for Yoga in the Vineyard.

Tickets are available >>


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