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March 11, 2021 | Ponzi Vineyards

Behind the Vines: Single Vineyard Chardonnay

After more than two decades of dedicated research and laser focus on Chardonnay, Ponzi Vineyards is among a handful of producers crafting a distinctive style that is unique to our region. The North Willamette Valley cool temperatures present Chardonnays with an unparalleled combination of bright acidity, texture and freshness of fruit on the mid-palate. Second Generation Winemaker Luisa Ponzi’s main goal is to allow the wines to express these characteristics with each vintage. 

Over the years, Luisa has had the unique opportunity of consistently working with the estate vineyards and discovered her favorite blocks. In 2012, she felt they should shine on their own and released stunning single vineyard cuvees from Aurora and Avellana Vineyards. She feels these sites represent the “Yin and Yang” of Ponzi Chardonnay as both are exquisite examples of this beautiful white wine grown in the Laurelwood District AVA.

Aurora Vineyard

These original planting of the Dijon clone Chardonnay vines are nearly 30 years old. Their roots grow deep into the rich Laurelwood soil found exclusively in the Laurelwood District AVA. The age of vines and ideally situated site provides intense flavors to the finished wine. Aurora Vineyards yields an elegant wine with bright acidity and fruit.

Avellana Vineyard

The successes at Aurora Vineyard are expressed at the younger Avellana Vineyard planted in 2006. The site features a fusion of multiple clones and rootstock planted on rich Laurelwood soil. Avellana Vineyards yields a richer, weightier style Chardonnay.

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