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August 17, 2017 |

A to Z Wine Works and Rex Hill Visit

Members of the Ponzi Vineyard’s team visited A to Z Wineworks for an inspiring afternoon of facility touring, wine tasting and education with A to Z Founder Cheryl Francis.

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August 17, 2017 |

Harvest Update: Veraison

Veraison is underway in the vineyard. The trademark speckling can be seen throughout the Pinot noir blocks at all four Ponzi sites. As harvest approaches and the grapes continue to ripen, the color will take over each cluster and deepen to a dark shade of plum. 

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August 16, 2017 |

Capital Press: Willamette Valley vineyards fund health care van for workers

¡Salud! logo

An article discussing the growth of ¡Salud!, a healthcare group dedicated to serving Willamette Valley vineyard workers, recognizes Nancy Ponzi as one of the influential advocates who pioneered the organization.

Read the full article here.

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August 15, 2017 |

Travel Portland: Farmers’ Fancy

Perfectly PDX flier with Portland skylineHighlighting the 2015 Aurora Chardonnay, Travel Portland’s “Farmer’s Fancy” article lists Ponzi Vineyard’s tasting room as a necessary stop when exploring the bounty of Oregon’s food and wine. View the PDF for the full story. 


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August 15, 2017 |

Off the Vine: Ponzi Sisters Have Winemaking in their Blood

Al Vuona of the Telegraph praises the Ponzi sisters’ passion for winemaking in this Off the Vine article. He writes, “...Wines worth noting include the Classico and single vineyard pinot noirs, especially the Avellana, which is just marvelous. Each of these wines embodies what the Ponzi family set out to accomplish some 40 years ago, to make the best wines possible. After all, it’s in their blood.”

Read the full article here.

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August 14, 2017 |

Charity of the Month: Farmers Ending Hunger

Join us in supporting Farmers Ending Hunger throughout the month of August by visiting the Ponzi Vineyards Tasting Room and enjoying a tasting of current release wines. A portion of the proceeds from these tastings will benefit Farmers Ending Hunger.

Farmers Ending Hunger

The mission of Farmers Ending Hunger is to eliminate hunger in Oregon by increasing the amount of high quality food available to hungry local communities through a partnership of farmers, food processors, Oregon Food Bank and the public.

Growing Crops
Farmers Ending Hunger begins with Oregon farmers and ranchers who raise hundreds of acres of produce, grain and cattle. With a little extra effort, each farmer donates an acre or two to feed the hungry and suddenly our network has thousands of tons of fresh food!

After it is harvested, some of the donated food leaves the farm or ranch for processing facilities, where it becomes canned pears, frozen peas or pancake mix. A portion of the produce is delivered fresh to Oregon Food Bank.

Local processors help Farmers Ending Hunger preserve the harvest by canning and freezing it. The majority of fresh crops must be turned into shelf stable food that can be added to emergency relief boxes throughout the year.

Food Distribution
Finally the food arrives at Oregon Food Bank where it is distributed to Oregon’s hungriest individuals. With your help every acre and row have been transformed into cans of green beans, packages of ground beef and stalks of fresh broccoli, ready to feed and nourish.

Adopt-an-Acre was created to get fresh food from the field to the mouths of the people who need it. Cash contributions from the urban community in support of this effort are used to cover the remaining costs associated with product sorting, canning and freezing to extend the life of fresh produce, processing wheat to make pancake mix, storing the food and delivering it to Oregon Food Bank.

Learn More

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August 8, 2017 |

Ponzi Vineyards supports local scholarship fund

LIVE logo

Each month Ponzi Vineyards supports a different local charity by donating a portion of the proceeds from tasting fees. In June we featured LIVE, Inc. We are proud to share that our donation will help fund a scholarship for first-generation students enrolled in the Wine Studies Program at Chemeketa Community College.

LIVE supports environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing through third-party certification and education. Since 2000, all four Ponzi Vineyard sites have been certified by the organization.

From LIVE:

Al MacDonald/LIVE Wine Studies Scholarship Fund

The Oregon wine industry employs many promising young people of color. Our goal is to provide assistance to first-generation students enrolled in the Wine Studies Program at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR. Funds will be used to help defray tuition costs and other educational expenses. Participating students must enroll or be enrolled in classes and make consistent progress toward their degrees or certificates in the Wine Studies Program.

Donations will be generously matched up to the $5000 milestone by Al MacDonald, one of the founders of both LIVE and the Wine Studies Department at Chemeketa Community College. This scholarship has been named to honor his lifetime of service in education and sustainable agriculture.

Donations above the $10,000 milestone will be used to further fund this scholarship, and to establish similar endowments at other community colleges with wine studies programs in the Pacific Northwest.

LIVE is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that promotes environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing practices in the Pacific Northwest. Our third-party certification of vineyards and wineries is internationally recognized as the gold standard for sustainable winegrowing programs.

Questions about this scholarship or about sustainable agriculture can be emailed to LIVE Executive Director Chris Serra at chris@livecertified.org.

Donate directly to this fund >>

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August 4, 2017 |

A new look for Cugini Sparkling Grape Juice

Ponzi Blog

We’re pleased to present Cugini Sparkling Grape Juice in new versatile 12 ounce bottles. This natural and non-alcoholic beverage is crafted in the spirit of the Ponzi family’s Italian heritage and the youngest members of the Ponzi family, the eight cousins. Second generation vintners and mothers, Maria & Luisa Ponzi honor the beloved tradition of gathering around the table every evening to share stories from the day. When everyone has a delicious beverage in hand this important ritual is enhanced, making otherwise ordinary conversations memorable. Learn more at cuginisparkling.com

Cugini is only available at the Ponzi Vineyards tasting room and offered in 4pks and cases

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July 29, 2017 |

Ponzi Vineyards completes the final phase of Collina del Sogno

Media Contact:
Laurel Carroll

Ponzi Vineyards completes the final phase of Collina del Sogno

Sherwood, OR (June 29, 2017) – Ponzi Vineyards began construction on a new hospitality space at their stunning property Collina del sogno, in the Chehalem Mountains, earlier this year. The buildout from the existing tasting room will provide the 47-year-old winery a dedicated venue to host wine-centric
events. Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018.

Designed by Portland-based Fogelstrom Design Build, the flexible addition will accommodate up to 80 guests and can be partitioned off for more intimate tastings and receptions. A fireplace anchors the main room, but the real architectural showpiece is an arched wood ceiling that emulates the curve of a wine barrel, bringing both a sense of spaciousness and warmth to the space. Large sliding glass doors open to a private, wrap-around covered terrace, featuring an outdoor fireplace and sweeping wine country views.

Brett Fogelstrom of Fogelstrom Design Build comments, “This new space completes the building as originally envisioned. The material palette
of warm wood, concrete, steel and glass, together with the overall progressive form, is meant to express the Ponzi Family’s approachable and welcoming style as well as their constant drive for innovation. My hope is that people will come away feeling that they have experienced a very special place.”

The new building will provide a functional and elegant space for the winery to enhance the current hospitality program, further promoting world class, cool climate varietals, wine country tourism and culinary arts.

Ponzi Vineyards Tasting Room Progression
This third phase at Ponzi Vineyards’ hilltop property was preceded by the construction of a state-of-the-art gravity-flow winery and a modern tasting room.

Purchased in 2006, the 42-acre property off Mountain Home Road in Sherwood was planted to 20 acres of Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot gris. In 2007, work began on the four-level, gravity-flow winery, conceptualized by Winery Founder Dick Ponzi and daughter, Second Generation Winemaker Luisa Ponzi. It was completed just in time for the 2008 harvest.

In 2013, the Ponzi Vineyards tasting room, also designed by Fogelstrom Design Build opened to guests, offering one of the valley’s first seated tasting experiences.

About Ponzi Vineyards 
When it comes to American wine, few possess the rich history and experience of Ponzi Vineyards, one of Oregon’s pioneering wineries. For nearly 50 years, Ponzi Vineyards has been a pillar among New World producers. The winery was founded in 1970 by Dick and Nancy Ponzi, at a time when Oregon Pinot noir was unknown and the region was not thought to be favorable to growing wine grapes. Ponzi Vineyards was recognized early on as a premier producer of Pinot noir and instrumental in putting Oregon on the map as a world class wine region.

This tradition of excellence is carried on with Second Generation Winemaker Luisa Ponzi and President Maria Ponzi, at the helm for more than 25 years. The winery continues to be a leader in cool climate varietal innovation through gentle handling techniques and advancements in the vineyard, including their latest, Clonal Massale. All 130 acres of Ponzi vineyards are certified sustainable, recognizing the winery’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Ponzi Vineyards sets the bar for Oregon wines and remains at the forefront of quality American wine. Learn more at ponziwines.com

Follow the latest winery updates, events and more from Ponzi Vineyards on our BlogTwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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July 27, 2017 |

Celebrating Women of Pinot at Ponzi!

Ponzi Vineyard’s second generation sisters, Maria and Luisa Ponzi welcomed Lucie Lawerence of New Zealand’s Aurum Wines, Julie Cooper of California’s DuMOL Winery and Ludivine Ambroise of Burgundy’s Maison Ambroise for a magical evening celebrating these four women winemakers of Pinot noir. Ponzi Vineyards Culinary Director Tom Ghinazzi’s fresh, summer-inspired menu complemented each wine expertly, combining stunning vintages with delicious food for a truly remarkable dinner. Courses included a Foie Gras with raspberry, frisee and apricot, wild salmon garnished with hazelnuts and thyme, and a chateaubriand of prime beef topped with bordelaise, lavender and chanterelles. Stories from the winemakers regarding their experience in the field and individual philosophies offered further insight into the secrets and complexities of the industry. Finally, as the evening wound down, guests enjoyed Ponzi Vineyard’s stunning views of a pastel sunset over the Chahelem Mountains.

A toast to women in wine in the Ponzi tasting room

Delicious plating on white plate with wine pairing

Ladies in attendance at the women in wine dinner at Ponzi

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