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Pinot Girl by Anna Maria Ponzi

Pinot Girl by Anna Maria Ponzi

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By Anna Maria Ponzi

An Intimate Memoir by The Daughter of One of Oregon’s Earliest Wine Families

In 1968, California Cabernet and French wines ruled the world. That was, at least, until the Ponzi’s and a handful of other determined visionaries dared to consider winemaking in Oregon. Dick and Nancy Ponzi were among the first to grow and process Pinot Noir grapes in the then undiscovered Willamette Valley. They were neither farmers, winemakers, nor businesspeople, but they were motivated by their passion and were determined to realize their dream.

With their three children in tow, the young couple helped the valley to expand into a world-class wine region with an international reputation for revolutionizing American Pinot Noir. Through intimate and candid prose, Anna Maria Ponzi shares an insider’s view of this humble beginning—how a scrappy piece of land developed into a world-renowned wine business.

Pinot Girl is an unforgettable, heartfelt account of the hard work, persistence, ingenuity, and collaboration it took to help establish this now famed wine region, told through the eyes of a young girl who grew up among the vines.

“Pinot Girl is the touching tale of a family’s journey to success through their devotion to one another. Beautifully written from the perspective of a daughter who lived it, we follow the spirited Ponzi clan in their quest to help birth and shape an industry. It’s a love letter to Oregon wine and poignant validation for ‘Pinot Noir Obsessed’ fans the world over. Sip a great glass while savoring this joyous read. Both will put a smile on your face.” - Leslie Sbrocco, author and television host

"Moments in history when a few brave folks collaborated, against adversity, to achieve something bold and beneficial should be celebrated. Anna Maria Ponzi grew up in one of those defining times. A naturally gifted storyteller, she focuses her lens on the formative 1970s and 1980s, when her family and a handful of others worked tirelessly to build the Willamette Valley wine industry. Whether you are interested in the history of Oregon wine or the humble origin stories of transformative movements, Pinot Girl is essential reading." - Katherine Cole, wine journalist, author, and podcaster